A Bit About Me


I began working in the field of counselling and psychotherapy over 30 years ago. Through my own journey with emotional pain I have discovered how vital self-compassion is in the process of healing and awakening. I have found that emotional transformation can happen through deep conscious, compassionate listening to one’s own pain and suffering.

I want to help people relate more consciously with themselves and others; to help people grow personally and spiritually into their potential as loving human beings.

A Little About My Professional Background

My foundational studies were in Transpersonal Counselling and Therapy which draws on both Eastern and Western philosophy and psychology.

I also received a Graduate Diploma of Psychology from Charles Sturt University and a Graduate Diploma of Counselling from Jansen Newman Institute.

I hold Clinical Registration with PACFA and ARCAP and I am a member of the Association of Transpersonal and Experiential Psychotherapists (ATEP)

Transpersonal Counselling and Therapy Can Help You to Understand and Manage Your Emotional Pain

Working with a therapist can really help a person who is in emotional pain by first helping them to express and make sense of their feelings in a safe, non-judging place, and second, by supporting them in moving towards a better place through learning how to take care of themselves emotionally.

If you’re interested in reaching out, I offer a 10-minute consultation in which you may ask me questions about my services and we can explore if we’d be a good fit. Call me on 0413 767 567.