Counselling and Therapy for Couples

Couple having a moment of tenderness in the nature

Do you feel connected?

Our partner is our “go to” person, the person we feel safe with, the one that we can turn to, who is there for us when we need them. We need to know that we matter to this person, that we come before anything or anyone else.

Or do you feel disconnected from one another?

Most couples seek counselling when problems within their relationship lead them to feeling they are no longer connected with one another. There are many reasons for this including issues related to:

  • Communication difficulties, conflict, silence

  • Feeling misunderstood, invalidated, unloved

  • Critical, blaming partner or withdrawn, distant partner

  • Lack of physical or sexual intimacy

I work with couples who want their love to mature and their relationship to grow.

You may be embarking on a new relationship and this time you both want to do it differently. Neither of you want to repeat the relationship patterns of the past, the ones that kept you locked in your suffering.

I will help you to consciously work with one another to recognize the moments when these past patterns threaten to derail and disrupt the relationship.

You may be in a committed relationship that feels like it has lost the way. You both feel out of touch with the love that energized you in the beginning. The shared hopes and dreams from then are just a memory.

You and your partner might be locked in a bad place. You may be in the place of conflict or the place of distance, or staggering between these two places.

I will help you to turn toward one another when hurtful thoughts and feelings arise in your relationship, to find your way back to a relationship that can support you both.

You want to live a life of love and authenticity and yet the things you and your partner say and do to one another are not loving. Neither of you recognize who you have become in relationship.

I will help you find compassion for yourself and your partner, to find the loving person that exists deep inside each of you, and allow the healing that can arise from this ease the suffering of the past.