I Offer Counselling and Therapy for Individuals and Couples Suffering Emotional Pain

I help people who are hurting emotionally. I help them to unpack, understand and learn how to manage the feelings and emotions they are experiencing so they can feel a sense of ease and peace.

I provide a space where my clients can heal whatever it is that stops them from enjoying life; from connecting with others; a space where they can breathe, where they can experience being deeply heard.

Together we find a way to make sense of what happens in their inner world, to heal and to grow. My clients learn how to identify their pain, develop self-compassion and manage their emotional life with awareness.

I Help People Understand and Manage Their Emotions

Emotional pain takes many forms –anxiety, fear, sadness, grief, frustration, anger, confusion, emptiness, aloneness.

Emotions impact how we think. They influence the things we do or don’t do in life.

Emotions affect our health. Our physical body suffers. Our mind suffers.

Emotions change how we see things, how we react to what happens to us, the deep decisions we make about life.

Emotional pain controls all our relationships, including how we feel about ourselves, how we relate with others and with the world. Often our emotional world may not make sense. We don’t understand why we feel the things we feel. And we don’t know how to manage the pain and confusion of our feelings. It just hurts inside!

Transforming Emotional Pain through Self Compassion

Knowing how to care for our emotional pain is a natural part of being emotionally healthy.

Sadly, we are often taught that only positive feelings are ok and that having negative emotions is unacceptable. We feel wrong or weak for having feelings that are not positive, and we try to ignore or hide them.

Sometimes the feelings and emotions seem to take us over:

We might freeze up or start crying in situations where we feel it may not be appropriate, such as our work environment;

We might snap, criticize, complain about or blame the people around us, especially those in our intimate circle;

We may withdraw, stop communicating, isolate ourselves.

We tell ourselves that our feelings don’t matter. And we often just pretend to be something we are not, we put on the happy mask.

Caring for our emotions begins with being authentic on an emotional level and turning toward our pain or hurt or anger with the same compassion and acceptance that we use when we turn toward a friend who may be in emotional distress.

When we are not able to be emotionally authentic, we feel out of touch with our soul or the spiritual side of ourselves. When we are emotionally authentic, we begin to awaken to our deepest self.

As your counsellor and therapist, I listen deeply. I create an emotionally safe place for you to express, make sense of, and care for your emotional pain. I help you begin to feel a sense of calm, of being more authentically ‘yourself’.