Tara Green - Psychotherapy and Counselling for couples and individuals

Heart and Soul Focused





Transpersonal Therapy for Individuals and Couples


Clinical Supervision for Practitioners


Counselling and Therapy for Individuals


If inner struggles such as anxiety, hurt, sadness, frustration, confusion, or loneliness are preventing you from listening to the needs of your heart and soul, it may be time to explore what is happening in your inner world.

Therapy provides a safe and confidential space to support the emotional healing and growth that will help you move forward on your life journey.

Counselling and Therapy for Couples

If you are experiencing communication difficulties, conflict, or silences…
If you feel misunderstood, invalidated, or unloved...
If there is a lack of connection between you and your partner...
...it may be time to seek help for your relationship.

Couples Therapy can help you reconnect and create a healthier, more nourishing way of relating.

Clinical Supervision for Practitioners

If you are looking for Clinical Supervision that provides support and can help you to develop an authentic style of work that is congruent with who you are as a practitioner, then I can help you.

Tara Green

Hi, I'm Tara Green.

I help individuals and couples who are suffering emotional pain to unpack, understand and manage the feelings and emotions they are experiencing.

I provide a supportive and empathetic space where people can explore their emotional world and discover how to listen to their own heart and soul.

I see individuals and couples who suffer from anxiety, hurt, grief, frustration, confusion, loneliness, and more. Through unique supportive and listening practices I help people reconnect deeply within themselves and find a sense of wholeness and peace.