Counselling and Therapy for Individuals


You may be feeling distressed, challenged, not quite in control of your life. You could be having difficulties in relationships with your friends, with your family, or with your intimate partner. Or you could even be feeling separate or isolated......maybe even a bit broken.

You may be experiencing irritation, anxiety, sadness, confusion, loneliness, or overwhelm. Unhealthy things could be happening in your life.

Or you might simply be wishing that you could find answers to questions such as “who am I”, “why is this happening” or “what does this mean”?

The process of counselling and therapy can help you to recognize that these challenges in your life are part of a journey. The process of exploring your inner life - the fears, the pain and the losses as well as the joys and successes – creates opportunities for you to heal and grow. By connecting to your heart and listening to your own inner voice, you can begin to live a more authentic life that honors yourself and others.

I offer support, understanding and knowledge for this process. Together, we will look at your life journey and what is happening in your life today. We will explore how you relate to the people in your life and investigate how past experiences may be impacting your current life.

One of the great teachings in life is about cultivating a compassionate heart, becoming aware and sensitive to people's hurt and having the desire to set them free from suffering.

Having compassion for others begins by having compassion for oneself, by becoming sensitive to your own hurts and having the desire to transform the suffering that inevitably comes with your journey through life.

I will help you move through the passages of your life journey more easily and gracefully by using effective methods drawn from both eastern and western psychology and philosophy.

Some benefits that you may experience from our work together could be:

  • Developing compassion for your self

  • Increasing confidence in your personal abilities

  • Developing your ability to have more satisfying relationships

  • Becoming more able to work through life issues and difficulties

  • Developing your capacity for love